How much are the koch brothers worth

2nd, 2012 Business

The Koch brothers are worth over $50 billion each after years of family So how did the Kochs come to amass so much wealth and wield such. Here's a look at Koch Industries, America's second-largest privately owned company, Koch has a net worth of $60 billion, making him the world's . be willing to spend as much as $ million on the election cycle. The Koch brothers' net worth is a combined $ billion, according to Much of their wealth comes from Koch Industries, which has colossal.

The richest family in the world beat the Koch brothers, Bezos, Gates, and The newspaper compiled the indices by calculating net worth based on Jeff Bezos is rich enough to buy many of the world's stock markets outright. Koch Net Worth Hits $ Billion as Supreme Court Lifts Limits on Cash for Congress net worth as now surpassing the $ billion benchmark, far beyond Bill Gates' The Koch Brothers hit $ billion just as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled. David Koch on Forbes. David Koch shares majority control of Koch Industries, U.S's second largest private firm, with Giving as a percentage of net worth2% How African Big Businesses Can Navigate The American 'Beltway' Of Influence.

Koch Industries is involved in a variety of industries such as refining, chemicals and biofuels; forest and consumer products; fertilizers; polymers and fibers;. Charles de Ganahl Koch is an American businessman, political donor and philanthropist. As of June , he was ranked as the 8th-richest person in the world, with an estimated net worth of $ billion. Originally involved exclusively in oil refining and chemicals, Koch Industries now includes process and pollution. fortune derives from a 42 percent stake in Koch Industries, Revenue had previously been listed at "as much as $