In bowling what is a dutch 200

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In ten-pin bowling, a Dutch is a game in which the bowler records a score of by getting strikes and spares in alternation throughout the game. Strikes. A 'DUTCH ' IS TRULY, REALLY A BIG DEAL. By FRED EISENHAMMER. So you're an elite bowler? What do you like to talk about? Your series?. A “Dutch ” game is where a bowler alternates between strikes and spares throughout a game. Because of the way that compounding “marks” are added up .

In ten pin bowling what is the term to describe an all spares game - trivia Still looking but a Dutch is a game of exactly made by. Just curious if a dutch is rare as it seems to be. I know a lot of you have been bowling many years like myself. I've been bowling league for. Description. EMBLEM. NLAC USBC ADULT AWARD APPLICATION: If less than 12 games, use book average. All scores must be bowled in NLAC USBC.

Bowling science glossary of tenpin bowling terms. Dutch refers to a game in which strikes and spares are alternated (spare-strike-spare strike etc) for the. Some questions and answers about tenpin bowling. know that bowling a strike followed by a spare (or vice versa) for the entire game is called a Dutch A Dutch has nothing to do with the European country. Instead, it refers to when a bowler consistently alternates between scoring a spare and a strike for the.