Whole brain learning attention getters

2nd, 2012 Business

20 variations on Class-Yes. 1. Cowboy: Class Yee-haw! Your class responds,. “ Yes Yee-haw!” 2. Backward Cowboy: Haw-yee Class! 3. Mouse: Class Squeaky!. attention getters: I get a little tired of the "class yes "!!! There are some Grabbers and More! More Time 2 Teach: Whole Brain Teaching - Attention Grabbers. Aug 26, Explore Renee' Biondo's board "Whole Brain Learning" on Whole Brain Teaching - Attention Please! Attention Getters/Grabbers {FREE}.

Class-Yes is the attention getting strategy in the Whole Brain Teaching system. Using the Class-Yes activates the prefrontal cortex of a student's brain. Whole Brain Teaching is an approach designed toward maximizing student engagement, There are a lot of attention getters out there, from flashing the lights. Here are 7 essential whole brain teaching steps that teachers must incorporate Before beginning every class (or lesson), the teacher uses an attention getter.

Here is a collection of quiet cues and attention getters for you to use in your classroom. It's a whole-brain teaching technique that a lot of teachers swear by. Updated 7/7/15 - I put the 22 attention getters into 3 different table formats. You can choose which one (visually) works best for you.** I use these attention getters /grabbers on a daily basis with my ELL students. N/A. Teaching Duration. N/A . Love these, printed and put in my lesson plan binder. Total: Clarity. in classroom behavior before implementing Whole Brain Teaching (WBT) strategies. As we .. attention getter that is a component of Whole Brain Teaching .