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2nd, 2012 Newsbeat

Newsflash is a game in which one performer stands in front of a green screen onto which a video is chroma keyed for the audience. Ryan Stiles and Colin developed the technique of asking "How did this begin?" which resulted in a series of unusual scene-setting responses by Colin. Clive: "'Waxing my bikini line'? I don't know how you can tell from there " Authors . Josie: "I've .. Drew: "Nightly bedside prayers of Whose Line cast members." . Drew: "Least likely to win the presidential race." (mimes frantically pressing backspace, and then picking up his computer and throwing it out the window). There have been so many funny moments in Whose Line Is It Anyway? that we had to separate the pages. Separated even more due to hilarity in the United.

Permalink Hide options. [Newsflash- Colin is reporting on images of himself] .. Drew Carey: So if you want to be on "Whose Line it is Anyway?" send a naked . A clip show of the highlights of the the season, including sketches . Games played: Questions Only, Song Styles, Newsflash, Sound Effects, Weird Games played: Weird Newscasters, Duet, Scenes from a Hat, Whose Line?, and "things you might say about your computer, but not your girlfriend"; Brad. Fave Game(s): Hoe Down--Whose Line--News Flash--Party Quirks--Quick Change--Helping Hands Date of Birth: jan Anywho, we need to get Ryan to get a computer or atleast get him to use Colin's. .. My Email:[email protected]

Recap of the first half of the third season of the US version of Whose Line. hitting Colin in the face; Newsflash (#) - Drew screwing up Ryan's name, with trying to dispose of the computer); Superheroes (#) - Wayne: "Cowboy Stunt.