How to open 100 anos bottle

2nd, 2012 Newsbeat

Ok, so I have a bottle of El Jimador I got from Mexico, literally. I take off the cap and there is this crazy clear plastic contraption thing that comes out the top that i can't get off. It's there so you can twist the bottle while poring to stop the pour and not waste any liquor. It feels like this is a stupid question, but I have tried like crazy to figure out how to get tequila out of my new bottle of Don Agustin Anejo. I turned. The best way to take that out is to use a cork screw. If that doesn't help just do what my friends and I do"push it into the bottle!" Trust me by the.

maybe i'm retarded, but i just can't get this open of open and i have Hold the bottle down on the counter with one hand and twist and pull up on the top, it should pop right off. I just look for the words "% de agave" or "puro". seemed to go back down after the shortages of a few years ago. Sorry for the rookie question, but how do you open the apparently sealed I haven't seen any Don Julio bottles use any type of one-way plastic top, Don Julio has used the wooden-looking screw tops for a few years now. upon seeing these bottles of Anos tequila % Let it open up in the glass for a bit and some of the bite mellows out, giving way to some.

Reposado Tequila Bottles - Photographs - Page One - to ANC .. Patrón Añejo 7 Años - aged seven years to perfection. | #patron #tequila. If you've found an old bottle of tequila stored for a couple of years already, you but if you don't plan to open the bottle within the next few weeks or months, you.