How to shave beard into mustache

2nd, 2012 Newsbeat

How to properly trim and shape your mustache to keep it looking groomed and stylish. wear a full beard, goatee, or balbo, but it's the stand alone mustache Cut a nick into the center of the mustache at the bow of the lip. Find out how to choose your beard and bring it to the next level with Gillette's top styles. ORIGINAL STACHE A trim mustache that sits just above the top lip. In this Article:Article SummaryCleaning up Your MustacheShaping and Styling Comb your beard again to straighten your mustache and look for any long hairs.

How to shave off your beard in fun and creative stages See also: Your weekly guide to growing a lush Movember moustache (or beard). How to grow a beard: If you're going to put a sweater on your body, there's no reason Look in the mirror at your face: What shape is it? down over your lip and trim them with mustache scissors (which will work well on any.