How to treat pubic ramus fracture

2nd, 2012 Newsbeat

Treatment for a pelvic fracture varies depending on the severity of the injury. While lower-energy fractures can often be managed with conservative care. Fifteen patients with pubic ramus fractures combined with sacroiliac joint injury were treated with the minimally invasive technique from June. Operative treatment of pubic rami fractures is indicated to provide additional pelvic ring stability in association with posterior pelvic ring fixation.

The majority of pubic rami fractures seen in the elderly are in the anterior ring and have non operative treatment. It is possible that associated. Pelvic rings often break in more than one place. A mild fracture (such as may happen from the impact of jogging) may heal in several weeks without surgery. Orthopedic doctors at NYU Langone may recommend bone stimulation, physical therapy, and pain medication while a hip or pelvic fracture heals. Read more.

The two sets of rami are essentially two rings attached in the middle at the pubis symphysis. Fractures in these locations, while painful, generally do not require. A suspected pubic ramus fracture is usually confirmed using x-rays. How is a pubic ramus fracture treated? Pubic rami fractures do not require surgery and will . Patients were treated in a university hospital that is equivalent to a level I Key words:pubic rami fractures; pelvic fracture; elderly; osteoporosis. Minor pelvic fractures in the elderly involve either low energy mechanisms or Such fractures consist primarily of fractures of the pubic rami and the sacral ala. Imaging and treatment of sacral insufficiency fractures.