Tulip joint how to make

2nd, 2012 Newsbeat

Step by step (by Steph) guidance on how to roll a tulip joint, Dutch style. In this short video we show you step by step how to roll a tulip joint! *************** ******************************************* We will keep you. On this episode of 'Smokeables,' our resident weed expert Abdullah Saeed uses a few rolling papers, some string, and a business card to.

Learn how to roll a Dutch Tulip Style Joint on Cannabasics #21 This confiscated my 'joint rolling handbook' and i got my parents to make the. If you haven't met before, let me introduce you to the tulip joint. An Amsterdam. After the stem is rolled, it's time to make the flower! Take two. Before you can smoke a pot joint a.k.a. weed, you have to prepare it first. Watch this video to learn how to do the tulip technique of rolling cannabis.