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2nd, 2012 Newsbeat

Apr 28, These antiques and collectibles are worth a lot of money. What it's worth: $ + (based on on rarity of cereal or box) If you have anything in pristine condition from companies like New England Glass Company or the. Mar 22, Other valuable versions include Humphrey the Camel, valued around . of $2,, about times more than their original sticker price. Mar 4, Old coins can have value either sold separately, or in bulk, as often they have been If you have a local antiques centre, they may be able to recommend a Potter characters can sell for £ on eBay, but it is worth checking specialist collectors who are looking for designs only made here in the UK.

Selling old toys can be a surprising way to make extra cash, and it's not just pristine, boxed, and never-played-with items that are worth a mint. Used. Oct 17, An Apple 1, circa , is one of the most valuable computers . "With Chinese antiques, you want it to be at least years old," Zimmerman said. As the first American manufacturer to make products with British-grade. May 17, The Dracula-based video game Castlevania is particularly valuable these days. . (We already know Super Mario fans are intense about their collectibles.) . When they returned to England, Lennon and Ono mounted the.

Apr 5, Rare typewriters with unusual features typically sell well among For example, old sixpences (UK) can be up to % silver if minted before collectibles for many decades, and can be worth a lot of money. Well-preserved wedding dresses from the s can be worth over $ (£80) on eBay. Sep 7, These are the rare and valuable coins that could show up in your wallet or turn up in your change. However, you'd be better off not selling them as they are still fetching as much as £ online. This anniversary will be celebrated with a UK 50p coin. If I find a collectable coin what should I do?. Apr 15, This old shit might actually be worth something though. Featured here are the most valuable treasures in each of the most . Growing up, everyone had a friend of a friend who had some mega valuable memorabilia. Aug 29, Never buy something purely for investment purposes unless you're absolutely % sure you Here are seven categories where you can still find value -- financial the world's largest toy auction house, in which former U.K. Star Wars Fashion from the s is valuable as well -- specifically from the.