What is spacewalking like

2nd, 2012 Newsbeat

Astronauts go on spacewalks to do important jobs outside their spacecraft. U.S. reporters who would like to cover the news conference in. Summer is usually a time for rest and relaxation for students, but not for dozens who recently took part in an academy designed to impart. What's it like to spend hours in Earth's orbit, when your spacesuit is the only Astronaut Doug Wheelock says that “spacewalk” is a misnomer.

A NASA astronaut reveals the secrets and dangers behind spacewalks - and the new technology that will help us walk on Mars. [/caption]. What is it really like to go on a spacewalk? Some astronauts have said there are no words to describe the experience, but we talked. Learn about spacewalks, from space suits to procedure. When astronauts go up into space, they have to bring a similar environment with them in order to.

When people ask me what it feels like the first time you space-walk, I tell them this : Imagine you've been tapped to be the starting pitcher in. Luca Parmitano pauses outside the space station on his first spacewalk. A week Houston ordinarily didn't like to rush into anything, let alone an EVA. Plus, half .