Croydon airport during ww2 what weapon

2nd, 2012 Sport

Croydon Airport, also known as London Terminal Aerodrome or London Airport ( ICAO: EGCR) . When the Second World War started in September , Croydon Airport was closed to civil aviation but played a vital role as a fighter station. During the Battle of Britain, the defence of the UK's airspace was divided up within RAF Fighter HQ = Group headquarters; SS = Sector station; SA = Satellite aerodrome RAF Croydon, SA, TQ, , 30 September , , Business park, museum . Air Defence of Great Britain during the Second World War. I was at CROYDON Aerodrome today after a German air-raid: A large number of LEWIS guns are dispersed in the fields opposite the aerodrome. They were.

WW2 started when Germany invaded Poland on the 1st of September and on the 2nd of September 'Croydon Aerodrome' ceased to be London's. Bomb Sight makes you discover London during WW2 Luftwaffe Blitz bombing raids, exploring maps, images and Bombs dropped in the borough of: Croydon. I was seven years old when the Second World War started. I lived on a large housing estate on the outskirts of London, and the street I lived in was on a hill.

Little did the population of Croydon realise the consequences of the failure of Sir John Simon, When war was imminent Croydon airport was packed with planes bringing back people returning from the continent. . Weapons of world war 2. The second world war brought to London destruction on a scale never before witnessed. 30 bombers targeted RAF Croydon aerodrome, which was then considered part The V1 weapons were succeeded by V2 rockets. Two exhibitions remember the lives of people in Croydon during the Back then, the road was busy with factories and warehouses clustered around Croydon Airport, above the town that culminated in raids by Hitler's secret weapons, in Croydon – the Museum's collection of relics from World War Two.