Fingerprint types ulnar whorl

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Friction ridge patterns are grouped into three distinct types—loops, whorls, and the radius bone, or thumb) and ulnar loops (pointing toward the ulna bone. The following 11 patterns that appear on our fingerprints generally explain one's Form: Often has combination of two or more of whorls, ulnar loops, or simple. Different types of fingerprints. A: Ulnar loop, B: Radial loop, C: Plain Whorl, D: Double loop whorl, E: Plain arch, F: Tented arch, G: Accidental whorl, H: Central.

There are three main fingerprint patterns: arches, loops and whorls. There are four types of arch patterns: plain arches, radial arches, ulnar arches and tented. Plain Arch. Tented Arch. Radial Arch. Ulnar Arch. Plain Whorl. Right. Hand. Central Pocket Whorl Double Loop. Accidental. Fingerprint Ridge Characteristics. Fingerprints have general ridge patterns which make it possible to systematically CENTRAL POCKET. WHORLS. This fingerprint pattern recurves a second.

Based on ridge patterns, there are four types of fingerprints as follows of Fingerprint Patterns [49]. Sr No Ridge Pattern. %. 1. Loops. 65 %. 2. Whorls side of the finger tips then it is called as Ulnar Loops, where as when it starts and ends. Ulnar loop. Whorl. Plain whorl. Central pocket whorl. Double loop whorl. Accidentical. Arches. Arches are the simplest type of fingerprints that are formed by. Uncommon pattern on: all fingers, rare on little finger; Double loop = two loops going in two directions, but is actually a type of whorl.