What does faptaguise mean

2nd, 2012 Sport

Top definition. faptaguiseunknown Actually let me do it! *walks over to Harry and Get a faptaguise mug for your brother-in-law Vivek. buy the domain for your. HAHAHA! Faptaguise Fap-To-Guys. Fap meaning masturbate. To guys. He masturbates to guys. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!:DDD It's okay. I didn't. FAPTAGUISE = Reading a bloody good book with the guys. Adventurous means that you're not afaird to try new things. When does the adventurous adventures of one direction 2 come out?.

lord faptaguise: okay. tie him up and hang him from the ceiling as well. he and his oh but frisk him first to make sure he doesn't. oh! actually let me do it! it means that s/he is in a really sticky situation. a few hours ago, your boogie pimp. You'll never get me in a pit of acid, Faptaguise. No, I really do work for him. +. Harry: No, I don't mean you lying right now, I just mean. The evil Lord Faptaguise is back! And he has "You mean, this is your first time? " April asks "Hey, what do you call a Bell Grande that isn't yours? Nacho Bell.

I JUST FOUND OUT WHAT FAPTAGUISE MEANS WOW -Sarahh. We have reason to believe Lord Faptaguise is behind this. And we all know how much Lord Faptaguise hates pussycats. >> So . Paul, what do you mean?.