What is a giganocephalus

2nd, 2012 Sport

Giganocephalus is a genetically modified hybrid of Giganotosaurus and Euoplocephalus in Jurassic World: The Game. Giganocephalus is of the hybrids that can be created in the game. Giganocephalus was the first hybrid in Jurassic World: The Game that uses 2 different type classes in. Giganocephalus was made creatable inJurassic World: The Game on September 30, as a super rare hybrid herbivore. It is unlocked in the market by. Level 40 Sarcosuchus · Tropeogopterus: Fuse a Level 40 Tropeognathus and a Level 40 Zhejiangopterus · Giganocephalus: Fuse a Level 40 Giganotosaurus.

I just got the Giganocephalus, which is a super rare just like the Tropeo, but at level 40 it sits with health, and attack, but the kicker is. Hybrid of Giganotosaurus and Euoplocephalus. Since the armor of Euoplocephalus is unknown, I had to use the armor of its relative.