What is a latter in chemistry

2nd, 2012 Sport

Definition of latter: A term used to refer to the last item in a given list, usually of two items. I've worked for Company A and Company B, but the latter was my favorite. Define latter. latter synonyms, latter pronunciation, latter translation, English dictionary definition of latter. adj. 1. Being the second of two persons or things. Latter definition, being the second mentioned of two (distinguished from former): I prefer the latter offer to the former one. See more.

When you are comparing two things, the first one is known as the former and the second as the latter. For example, George Bush and George W. Bush were both. USAGE The latter should only be used to refer to the second of two items: many people choose to go by hovercraft rather than use the ferry, but I prefer the latter. Learn the definition of former and latter with example sentences and quizzes at Writing Explained.

latter definition: 1. near or towards the end of something: 2. the second of two people, things, or groups previously mentioned: 3. the last of more than two people. Later: I will be going to sleep later (as in the future) Latter: I take chemistry and biology. But I am not so sure if i like the latter. (latter refers to the. Former means “the first of two” and latter means “the second of two.” Notice that you should use these terms when speaking of only two. Latter definition is - belonging to a subsequent time or period: more recent. How to use latter in a sentence. Can latter be used of more than.