What is nut busting torque

2nd, 2012 Sport

年10月25日 Ingersoll Rand advertises three torque ratings for our tools; max reverse torque, “ nut-busting” torque, and forward torque range. The max. 1/2″ Composite Air Impact Wrench Kit. Working Torque: Ft-lb / N-m. 1/2″ Composite Air Impact Wrench x 1pc. I need to lift pounds with a lever arm 3 ft long. So, I need ft-lbs. A electric impact has ft-lb of nut-busting torque. Will this electric.

The nutbusting number is not a wrench torque; it's the new bolt torque that it can unlock by repeatedly shocking the bolt. It also tells you that it will be good. An impact wrench is a socket wrench power tool designed to deliver high torque output with . "Nut-busting torque" is often quoted, with the usual definition being that the wrench can loosen a nut tightened with the specified amount of torque in . I have a Dewalt cordless impact gun that's advertised to have ft-lbs of nut- busting torque, and I almost did bust a nut when I saw how.

The TiMAX delivers maximum power with ft.-lbs. of reverse torque and ft.-lbs. of nut-busting torque. The tool weighs only lbs. I never really pay much attention to that "nut busting torque" spec when shopping for power tools, but I wonder is it a actual real measurement.