How long will pms last

PMS is a common condition that affects approximately % of menstruating women. There is no definitive rule about how long PMS can last, as it can vary. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a condition that affects a woman's emotions, physical health, and PMS symptoms can begin around day 14 and last until seven days after the start of menstruation. . Long-term outlook. The symptoms of premenstrual syndrome usually are gone within

Symptoms generally strike five-to days before the period and dissipate with its start or soon after. Rather, what will help depends on a woman's symptoms. Calcium -- One of the latest findings for treating PMS is regularly taking calcium. A few days before menstruation, there's a hormonal oscillation called Premenstrual Tension (PMS). The discomforts can be irritability. These PMS symptoms will let you know if your period is coming. Cramps can last up to two to four days, and the severity of the pain may be.

For some, mood swings, headaches and period pain aren't just a temporary phase - they can last the entire month. The symptoms of PMS can appear any time between puberty and PMS occurs during the luteal phase—approximately the last 14 days of your cycle, usually. Varies from person to person. It *typically* ends when menstruation begins but it can start anytime from 2 days to 11 days before the beginning. mine usually starts 2weeks before my period and then when I get it it last for 5- 7days and then I am bloated and irratated for another 2days after. I eat everything .