What is afrikadag 2016

2nd, 2012 World News TV

The Afrikadag is an annual event with over attendants, speakers from the In it was all about "the relation between Europe and Africa". Op de hoogte blijven van al het Afrikadag nieuws? ''Cooperation is key in new activism'': Afrikadag Afrikadag has been quite some time ago. Logo Afrikadag The Africaday is the event on Africa and international cooperation. Keynote speaker is the successful and inspiring.

Met zo'n bezoekers, sprekers en vrijwilligers is de Afrikadag het grootste publieksevenement over Afrika en internationale samenwerking in Nederland. Afrikadag Public. · Hosted by Begijnendijk-Betekom. Interested. clock. Aug 13, at PM – Aug 14, at AM UTC+ More than a . The edition of the yearly Afrikadag (Africa day) organised by Foundation Max van der Stoel took place at the Tropen Museum in Amsterdam on Saturday 5 .

Images from the edition of Afrikadag at the Koninklijk Institute Voor De Tropen in Amsterdam. All of the pictures and images are % copyrights of Africa. Afrikadag 05 Nov Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam. Africaday is an annual event with over attendants, speakers from the Netherlands. Amsterdam, Saturday 5 November – “The opportunity presented by technology is happening now and can help us to reach people who.