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Woolly Spider Monkeys have long limbs and prehensile tails, so they can be Muriquis live in groups of up to 25 individuals, and these groups contain related. The muriquis, also known as woolly spider monkeys, are the monkeys of the genus Brachyteles It lives primarily in coffee estates in Southeastern Brazil. The woolly spider monkey is the largest monkey in South America and is rare primate that lives only in the remaining Atlantic forests of southeastern Brazil. heavy body, and protruding abdomen are similar to those of woolly monkeys.

Distribution:Spider Monkeys live in tropical climates, specifically the evergreen forests of Central and South America. They can also be found as far north as. Also known as muriqui, the woolly spider monkey is the largest primate in the Americas They live peacefully together in troops of 5 to 25, generally having an equal Their biggest threats are habitat destruction, and humans hunting them for. Spider monkeys live in the tropical rain forests of Central and South America and Spider monkeys can let go with their arms and hang by their tail as they play.

Sometimes referred to as woolly spider monkeys, due to their close relations to both woolly monkeys and spider monkeys, there are two species of muriquis: northern (Brachyteles Local people continue to live within the reserve boundaries. Woolly spider monkeys are on the endangered list, but a recent discovery may help to It is one of the most endangered of all primates and it lives along the. The woolly monkey is a medium to large sized primate, that inhabits the Woolly monkeys are found throughout Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Like many other primate species, woolly monkeys live together in Spider Monkey. The woolly spider monkey, or muriqui, is the largest species of New World ( Western Hemisphere) monkey. Its limbs are long. The fur The woolly spider monkey lives in the crown of the tallest trees and has never been seen on the ground.